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We believed that beauty was the prerogative of the woman, flowers and some artistic masterpieces.
We thought all that was functional was commonplace and didn't arouse a great interest.
We were wrong.

KitchenAnd now in this beginning of the century, some innovative minds strive to find beauty everywhere it is. For our pleasure, they challenge everyday things and kitchen furniture, which is quite new.

Kitchen Arte
"Iride" design: Kappa Partners It features plain shapes enhan-ced by poly-chrome effects and customised details, producing a decidedly rational and minimalist appearence. A characteristic element of Iride is the presence of convex wall units made of multilayer wood covered in aluminium coloured ribbed laminate.

Americana Kitchens
"Americana" - designer : Massimo Iosa Ghini. Recalls to mind the comfort of a spacius kitchen where one can live as well as eat. The soft and reassuring lines have been created with well-proven technologies combined with other technological novelties like the extruded and calendered aluminium trim around the worktops edges. The materials are strong , natural and basic: wood, metal and ceramics. Colours are evocative and respect the tradition of a family anbience, homely and well balanced. Americana Compact is available in two versions: Peninsula and Island.


"Air Florence" - design : Studio kappa & Partners. The basic design principles behind creation of the Air Florence kitchen take into account the most advanced environmental analyses (Giemmegi is a members of the Green Home project of the Region of
Air Florence Kitchens
Tuscany) using a limited range of raw materials, with the emphasis on the recyclables and recycled materials like steel, aluminium, and wood (exclusively from renewable cultivations), and adhesives and finishing products with low environmental impact. Finally, but just as important, design is based on study of the ergonomics of daily needs, with reference to repeated gestures, to make every movement and every domestic shore as natural and easy as possible.
Rustic kitchen
"Country" - more classic forms, with a rustic or provencal design, in a few styles and woods.
Click on the labels to discover unique designs, unprecedented shapes, daring combinations of materials.
Compact Kitchen

Their nearly play dream of a kitchen looking like a masterpiece, of something that could make us feel greedy, finds its accomplishment there.

But most of all, probably for the first time since the humans know how to bail water, you will feel a new emotion facing a sink, a storage unit, a
Cuisine Arte
knife drawer. Meet living art, accessible art, at last ! And give free expression to your emotions.

Being convinced of your desire of comfort and home welfare, Artelite designs and realises exceptional living spaces, modern kitchens, bathrooms and dressing rooms for your interior in the peninsula or in the Gulf of St Tropez, as you have always dream of.
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