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SARL (Limited Company) with capital of 10.000 euros
RCS FREJUS 498 442 839 00029 - APE code : 6831Z
Real Estate agent card n°5160 provided by the Var prefecture
Financial guaranty : VERSPIEREN - GROUPAMA
5 rue du Centre 93199 Noisy le Grand cedex
Financial guaranty real estate transaction : 110.000 euros
Financial guaranty real estate management : 300.000 euros

"Our agency doesn't hold any fund for their customers"
According to the disposition of the Law "Informatique et Libertés" nunber 78-17 du 06/01/1978, amanded by the law of the 06/08/2004, you may use at anytime the right to access, to approve, to alter, to correct everything about you. To assert your rights for a rectification, please send an e-mail using this formulaire courrier The personal data collected with the formulaires of the Web site aren't entrusted with anybody. Those informations are only for an in-house good used.
Declaration at La CNIL with the number 1259519

Sumary :

Privacy and personal data protection
The security of the exchanges
Intellectual property rights
Availability of services
Applicable right

Privacy and personal data protection
Demeures Tropeziennes Agency collects personal information from users when they visit the website
- The establishment of general statistics concerning traffic on the different parts of the Demeures Tropeziennes website.
- Transmission to users of answers, information or advertising from Demeures Tropeziennes or its partners.
- Transmission of information requests to third party partners of Demeures Tropeziennes Agency.

The collection and treatment of personal details by Internet must be done in the respect of the fundamental rights of the persons.

Consequently, Demeures Tropeziennes Agency maintains complete accordance with the law n°78-17 of the 06 January 1978 (FRANCE) relating to computers, files and liberties. In accordance with article 16 of this law, Demeures Tropeziennes Agency has reported to the National Commission. In accordance with article 29 of the same law, Demeures Tropeziennes Agency commits itself to protecting personal information and in particular to preventing distortion, damage, or communication of said information to an unauthorised third party.
Demeures Tropeziennes Agency emphasizes that it is the users responsibility to take the measures necessary to maintain the confidentiality of the password which permits acces to the service “Private Acces”. Computers connecting to the servers of Demeures Tropeziennes Agency receive, on their hard disk, one or more very small text files, commonly called “Cookies”. The cookies record information relating to navigation on the Demeures Tropeziennes Agency website by the computer on which the “cookie” is stored.(The pages consulted, the date and the time of the consultation, etc...). They permit identification of successive visits by the same computer. Users connecting to the Demeures Tropeziennes Agency website are free to refuse the recording of the “cookies”. For this, they can use the appropriate function on their navigator. However, in that caseof refusal of cookies, the access to certain services on the Demeures Tropeziennes Agency website may be altered or impossible.

The user accepts responsibility:
Not to exploit the services of Demeures Tropeziennes Agency or the personal data that he may have accessed to further his or her own business.. Not to propose products or services from the Demeures Tropeziennes Agency website allowing personal gain to the user either directly or indirectly. Not to limit the access or the use of the Demeures Tropeziennes Agency website.. Not to change any article or any element of the Demeures Tropeziennes Agency website. Not to contravene Articles 323-1 to 323-7 of France’s Penal Code concerning the practice of “hacking”.. Not to perform mass sending of unsolicited messages (also known as spamming) by email or any other means to other users.

The security of the exchanges
Demeures Tropeziennes Agency will make every legal and technical effort to protect the security of exchanges. To this end, Demeures Tropeziennes Agency accepts the obligation of providing for the blocking of the interception of data and respecting the applicable regulations.
Nevertheless, the users of Demeures Tropeziennes Agency are familiar with the technical particularities of the Internet network and its risks. Consequently, Demeures Tropeziennes Agency can not guaranty to its users that data exchanged via Internet will not be collected in a fraudulent way by third parties.

Intellectual property rights
Demeures Tropeziennes Agency takes legal and technical measures in view of protecting intellectual property rights. Demeures Tropeziennes Agency owns rights concerning some data protected by the Intellectual Property Code. This is valid (among others) for the brand name “Demeures Tropeziennes”, its graphics charter and its database.
Consequently, the exploitation offline or online, in a free or paid manner, of all or any part of this data, without the express consent of Demeures Tropeziennes Agency, is forbidden.

Availability of services
Demeures Tropeziennes makes every effort to make the website Demeures Tropeziennes available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

Nevertheless, Demeures Tropeziennes can suspend the access without warning, in particular for technical reasons. Demeures Tropeziennes is not responsible for any eventual damages which may follow for the users or third parties. Demeures Tropeziennes can at any moment suppress all or part of the services or modify the content and in particular for technical reasons with no prior warning.

Demeures Tropeziennes Agency reserves the right to refuse, unilaterally and without previous notification, to any user, access to all or part of the Demeures Tropeziennes Agency website. This kind of decision could notably be taken in case of non respect of this charter by a user.

Applicable right
This Demeures Tropeziennes charter is subject to the laws of France. Demeures Tropeziennes reserves the right to amend at any moment, the terms, conditions and warnings.

Updated : February, 2018, 8.

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