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83 rue du général Allard
83990 Saint-Tropez - France

SARL (Limited Company) with a capital of 10.000 euros
RCS ST-TROPEZ 498 442 839 00029 - APE code : 6831Z
Realtor license : n° 5160 issued by the Var prefecture
Financial guarantee : VERSPIEREN - GROUPAMA
5 rue du Centre 93199 Noisy le Grand cedex
Guaranteed amount for financial transactions : 110.000 euros
Financial Guarantee for Property Management : 300.000 euros

"Our agency does not hold funds on clients behalf"

Would you like to sell or rent out your property? Please do not hesitate to consign the sale or rental to our care. Demeures Tropeziennes Agency will advise and assist you throughout the process, willingly and professionally.
Use for this the form : Private Contact Owners

As communication is the basis of any agreement, we like to meet all our owners personally for an in depth study of your real estate project and requirements. We will visit your property, we will offer you our thoughts and advice. Real estate is a specialist profession wherein experience is essential.

Saint-Tropez, place of exception, deserves exceptional properties. But the exception and the atypisme do not break the rules of real-estate, so prestigious it is and it in the first interest of the owners.

You consult an estate agent to smooth the process of your real estate project, and to ensure that your interests are protected. This starts with the drafting and signing of a sales or rental agreement. In France this document is obligatory in the Real Estate profession (Law N 70.9 of January 2nd, 1970, article 72 of the decree N 72678 of July 20th), in addition, this document, prepared in detail in conjunction with your estate agent, will protect you from any dubious practices or legal ambiguity. Purchasers are increasingly protected by law in order to avoid many uncertainties, it is welcome that owners benefit from the protection given by the terms of sale or lease and they they no longer view this as a constraint.

The real estate profession in France is controlled by the Hoguet Act dated January 2, 1970, since when no estate agent is permitted to offer your property or advertise it in any way (whether by internet, agency display or in print) without having received a signed agreement from the owner.

Numerous sorts of mandates exist :

The not exclusive mandates or "simple" sale or rental (which allow you to spread your good through some order or directly from private individual to private individual).

The exclusive mandate, which under understands the perfect trust between you, owner, and the agency, because it's this agency who will only have the possibility of presenting your good.

The semi-exclusive mandate : you gives your good to a single agency but keep the possibility of selling it by yourself.

The co-exclusive mandate : allows you to fix a small number of agencies which can present your good. Be careful in that case to check that the selling price of your good will be identical in all the agencies.

Be sure that even if it is more pleasant for a real estate agent to obtain the exclusivity of the good, Demeures Tropeziennes will never impose on you the exclusivity and will take charge of your good with will and professionalism to make your project succeed whatever the type of chosen mandate.

The mandate : the real protection for the owners salesmen or landlords, why ? Because this document contains all the elements necessary for the sale or the rental of your immovable property; the selling price, but also the committee of your real estate agent, the name of your solicitor if you wish to bring him in the sale, and quite other element indispensable to the good constitution of your file.

By this way you will not meet any unpleasant surprise when our agency will indicate you that a customer goes buyer of your good and wishes to sign a provisional sales agreement quickly.

Furthermore, to satisfy the legal bonds and what we can, right after the mandate recorded on our legal register of mandates, to present your good to our buyers in wait, it is advisable to have a complete administrative file (ID card of the salesman, the notarial certificate or the copy of the act).

The technical diagnosis :

It is up to you, within the framework of a sale, to you owner to make by a professional the file of technical diagnosis of your good, planned by the prescription of June 8th, 2005, and applicable since November 1st, 2007. This file groups includes several diagnoses enumerated below, and which must be annexed to the mandate, to the provisional sales agreement, and naturally to the authentic act of sale.

The diagnosis Loi Carrez : Article 46 law of July 10th, 1965 and law n° 96-1107 of December 18th, 1996 : it is about the measurement of your apartment to guaranty the surface of it. Compulsory for lots in co-ownership of more than 8m², thus also for villas in horizontal co-ownership with regulation of co-ownership. The following surfaces: walls, partitions, stairs, stairwells, girdles, embrasures of doors and windows, and surfaces having a height lower than 1,80 meters are not included in the measurement. Indeed a sales agreement can be declared nul if this document is not supplied (The buyer has a delay of one month to act) or the selling price can be reduced if it turns out that the announced surface is lower of more than five percent than that declared. In that case, the buyer has a delay of share of one year).

The Parasitic State (l'Etat Parasitaire) : Law n° 99-471 of June 8th, 1999 and decree n° 2000-613 of July 3rd, 2000. The prefectorial orders current classify certain zones at risks (zones contaminated or susceptible to the being). So it is advisable to make this parasitic state to obtain a negative certificate dating less than three months, applying this time to all the built buildings. If this last one is positive, the parts will decide then who will support the expenses of treatment. The buyer has a period of action of two years.

The report of risk of exposure in the Shot or Lead poisoning (Le constat de risque d'exposition au Plomb ou Saturnisme) : Article 123 law 98/657 of July 29th, 1998 (Public health code article L.1334-1 and following ones).

Applicable only to the possessions built before 1948. This last one has to date less than year. In the same spirit as the parasitic state, if the report is positive, the parties will decide which will bear the works. The buyer has the same period of action of 2 years.

The Diagnosis Asbestos (Le Diagnostic Amiante) : Article L.1334-7 of the public health code and the article 10-1 of the decree n° 96-97 of February 7th, 1996 modified by the article 3 of the decree n° 2002-839 of May 5th, 2002 : applicable to all the possessions which the building permit dates of before July 1st, 1997. Attention certain possessions require takings of grounds (linoleum). The common parts of the possessions in co-ownership must be also visited by the expert.

The D.P.E or Diagnosis of Energy Performance (Le D.P.E ou Diagnostic de Performance Energétique) : Decree 1147 of September 14th, 2006 and order of September 15th, 2006. Applicable since November 1st, 06 : All the possessions producing some energy (heating and warm water) are subjected to this diagnosis if they are closed and\or covered. Contrary to the other diagnoses, of the last one has only a value of information to be completely transparent on the quality of the acquired good.

The natural and technological risks (Les risques naturels et technologiques) : Article 77 law of July 30th, 2003. Applicable since June 1st, 2006 : Flood, fire, earthquakes, seismic zone : the buyer must know if the good which he suggests buying is in a zone at risks, and if yes, in which one. This diagnosis is valid during six months.

The Diagnosis Gas (Le Diagnostic Gaz) : this last one is to make make for all the possessions with usage of house containing an installation in the gas (state of heaters and production of warm water, but also the state of the premises in which they are). This diagnosis has too only an informative value.

Soon the Diagnosis Electricity will come to be added in the long run aforesaid list further to the decree of May 24th, 2008, applicable normally on January 1st, 2008. So for all the owners of accommodation of more than 15 years, will be needed this new certificate to estimate the risks which can carry breach of personal safety. A small dispensation : if you have a diagnosis realized by a professional recognized for less than three years, you will not be anxious to redo one.

As advice, our agency is at your disposal to direct you to the approved experts the most close to your good. However we do not privilege any expert and let you the free choice make realize these expertise by the professional among whom the estimate or the reception will have held your attention. Our address book is only present to facilitate your researches.

Your good on line on

Once the signed mandate and the complete administrative file, a professional photo report will be realized by Demeures Tropeziennes. This last one will serve for presenting your good in a qualitative way on our site. Indeed we put a sense of honor to offer to your good the display which it deserves; this report photos, will serve only in aid of the agency and will stay the unique property of Demeures Tropeziennes.

Because your good is exceptional, we owe it as such and communicate it to our buyers as such. Because every good is unique and because each of our buyers is him also.

Demeures Tropeziennes Agency, fort of its experience, will present you only potential buyers among whom the seriousness and the waits were verified. So, even if all the visits do not obviously succeed on a sale, by entrusting your good to our agency, you are insured to have only demands of serious and thoughtful visits. It is not the number of visit realized on your good that prove the work realized by your real estate agent but the quality of those last ones.

Do not also hesitate to contact us for any estimation, it is with pleasure that we shall give our opinion it with no obligation later from your part.

Be assured owners, that we put all the commercial, technical means and especially human to satisfy you completely and insure the sale of your good as soon as possible and with the best conditions.

I am a buyer :

To enter the world of Demeures Tropeziennes, it is to meet professionals of the real estate that will know how to listen to attentively your wishes and desires to understand and select which type of indeed will really be convenient for you. Because an acquisition is an important act and because your time is precious, it is useless and unpleasant to make you waste your time by presenting you possessions contrary to your wishes. So do not be afraid of entrusting us all the important details, all your wishes in layout, in architecture, in place, in sight... Do you prefer the nearness of the beach, the sight sea, the charm of the bastides former, the access by feet in the city center of Saint-Tropez, the traditional district of La Ponche, the prestigious domain of Les Parcs de St Tropez, the atypical side of Canebiers or festive side of the beaches of Pampelonne, unless you preferred the wild beauty of the creeks of l'Escalet ? If we think we have the good which is convenient for you, we shall make the maximum to organize a visit quickly. If not, we do not forget you and shall not miss to come back to you for any new good susceptible to be convenient for you. Please only remember it is easier to visit off season. Indeed we never make visit villas when these last ones are rented in the season, it in the respect and for the tranquility of the tenants.

Once your current acquisition, we shall always be present between the signature of the compromise and the repetition of the authentic act to assist you until the day of the delivery of keys.

The vacation rental :

Demeures Tropeziennes proposes you a wide choice of luxury properties for rent, quite various with each their own charm. Of the authentic good at the house of family, the villa spirit "beach" in the most prestigious foot in the water.

Because each wishes to live his holidays as he hears, our offers are varied.

You wish to praise your good ?

As for the sale, we study your request, your motivation. Renting his/her good is a decision difficult to set which contains constraints. It is so necessary to be really sure to want to do it and to oblige himself or herself in certain rules relative to the owners landlords, even in short-term.

The mandate of rent is compulsory too. Exclusive or not. This last one indicates clearly which are price lists clear owners and for which periods. This last one also indicates which periods saves himself the owner to enjoy his good.

Attention the legislation concerning the natural and technological risks is the same that for the sale. According to your municipality of residence, you have to join a copy of this document to any rental agreement, and every principal.

We visit at first your good and give you our estimation. This last one bases himself on criteria such as the place, the sight, the number of rooms, but also the quality of equipments, furniture and internal and outside elements of comfort.

A report photos is also realized, to present your good.

We announce you any demand succeeded in booking and validate the rental agreement with our customers only having received your definitive written confirmation. In reception, within 48 hours we ask to our customers for a 25% advance to confirm their booking. The balance is asked one month before the arrival of the tenants as well as the deposit (approximately 25%).

Before the arrival of the tenants we proceed to an inventory of fixtures and an inventory of your good as well as from the tenant. Attention we draw the attention of the owners that it is compulsory that swimming pools have a safety : net, alarm, sensor approved and verified before any arrival of the tenants.

We assure you that we operate everything to avoid the slightest inconvenience during the rent of your good, part the serious and rigorous selection of our numerous faithful tenants who, delighted with their stays in villas proposed by Demeures Tropeziennes, repeat us their trust every year and let us welcome the new tenants in a serious and objective way.

Demeures Tropeziennes, a new way of thinking of the real estate in St Tropez, privileging the listening and the exchange, the communication between buyer and salesman, tenant and owner.

Because the real estate remains an entity, because your good looks like you, because you look for the good to spend happy holidays or take advantage in the year of the charm of our corsair city... Because our priority is to satisfy our customers respectfully of our profession...

Demeures Tropeziennes is listening to you and assist you in the real-estate important acts. So our office welcomes you in 49 Street Allard, on produce you beforehand confirmed by telephone or e-mail.

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